Anne Pick | Freelance Copywriter and Web Designer
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Anne Pick

Freelance Copywriter and Web Designer

Anne Pick creates WordPress websites with SEO copywriting to drive organic search traffic. My indie, DIY aesthetic reflects the music I love and the songs that inspire me. I have been working as a copywriter and web content specialist since 2011 and bring a background in journalism to my writing. I spent several years as a music writer, interviewing my indie-rock heroes — including James Mercer of The Shins and Colin Meloy of The Decemberists. I’m passionate about music, but I’m skilled in SEO copywriting, content marketing, blogging and website design. Indie rock inspires me and fuels my creative edge and love of technology.

the faint
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“Never Ending Circles”

Latest News & Blog


“I’ll Be Your Girl”

Working with Anne Pick

In my experience working as a freelance copywriter and web designer, the right fit matters more than the paycheck. I love digital marketing, building websites, writing content and learning more about your businesses and projects. When we work together I expect mutual respect for each other’s time. If you are considering working with me on your next digital marketing project, learn more about what you can expect from our business relationship.

Anne Pick freelance web designer
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“Anne with an E”

Previous Work

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“Let’s Rock”

Reach out to Anne about possible freelance web design and copywriting projects.

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