Working With Anne - Anne Pick
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Working With Anne

About Anne Pick

Anne Pick attended the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communications after graduating as the salutatorian from La Pine High School. After college, Anne worked as the Calendar Editor and Staff Writer at The Source Weekly newspaper in Bend, Oregon. She got her feet wet in journalism she but wanted to pursue a career in technology and spent the next four years at G5 as a Web Builder and Copywriter. Anne wanted to learn more about blogging and working in an agency setting, which led her to a position as the Lead Copywriter at Savy Agency before leaving to work as a freelance copywriter, blog writer and web designer at the end of 2016.

In her free time, Anne loves discovering new music, going to concerts, camping, practicing yoga, cooking, snowboarding and spending time with friends and family. Anne recently moved to Portland, Oregon, in order to experience urban living, be close to rad music, great food and to explore creative opportunities in the city.

Anne Pick freelance web designer

Web Design

Blog Writing


Let’s Work Together

I love digital marketing, building websites, writing content and learning more about your businesses and projects. When we work together I expect mutual respect for each other’s time. I uphold the following tenants in my work as a freelance writer and web designer:


We’re all in this together. Trying to grow our businesses, spend time with our friends and families and savor the time we have on this planet. Life is too short and we spend too much time working to not be kind. If we decide to work together on a project or on an ongoing basis, I expect kindness and will provide it in return. I work with clients who value mutual respect and speak to me and other humans in their lives with kindness and respect.


As with all relationships, communication is key. Whether we communicate in-person, via text message, through email or on the phone, I will be detailed and work with you to understand exactly what your needs are and how we can put them into action. I observe principles of work/life balance and I hope you do, too. Please refrain from sending me text messages at 10pm on a Friday night. I appreciate all after-hours communication to be via email unless it’s an absolute emergency. I respond to work-related, after-hours emails on the next business day.

Work/Life Balance

Kindness, communication and work/life balance all tie together in maintaining the proper boundaries. I work 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday with phone/email availability an hour before and after the workday. After working a chaotic schedule for many years, I am focused on finding true balance. I don’t work on the weekends unless we have an arrangement agreed upon in advance. If you need a project completed “yesterday,” I’m not your girl. I build my business on mutual respect, communication and transparency.

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