Drive Traffic to Your Website With Blogging & SEO Copywriting
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Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website With Blogging and SEO Copywriting

Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Website With Blogging and SEO Copywriting

People who’ve spent enough time around me this year have heard it over and over again.

“You have to have a website and the words count. From regular posting of quality, fresh content on your site to SEO-optimized copy, words help you get found. Once found, design, functionality and user experience help close the deal.”

With a background in journalism and copywriting, I think about words a lot. I recently was looking at Google Analytics for several of our clients and I still have the same sentiment I always have. One of my clients, who gets recognized year after year as being among the “Best of Central Oregon,” has a solid base of customers and name recognition around not only Bend but also throughout the Pacific Northwest. I compared their website traffic from August – October 2016 and August 2017 – the present. Looking at the difference in their website traffic got me even more excited about the power of words.

During the same time period last year, this client had 99 website sessions total. Since their website launched in August, the same client has had 6,437 sessions! When I saw this it blew my mind. Then, the other factors: Pages per session — 3.1 vs 1.56, average session duration — 2 minutes 32 seconds vs zero. From a decreased bounce rate to thousands of new users, words — SEO copywriting helped bring users to their website. More web visitors = more conversions.

I write one blog a month for this client and last week their October blog had more organic search visits than their home page. The power of blogging, SEO copywriting and content marketing is astounding. Many clients have a hard time signing up for these types of services, as it may not immediately equate to ROI, but as you can see, sometimes it does. When measuring the success of digital marketing, seeing the dramatic increase in website traffic, longer time-on-site and lower bounce rate all add up to a successful campaign.

The Benefits of SEO Copywriting, Blogging and Content Marketing

  • Increased search traffic
  • Blogging shows Google that you’re relevant and publishing fresh, relevant copy
  • Provides content to share on your social networks
  • More opportunities to target specific keywords
  • Gives users a different way to engage with your brand
  • Establish yourself and your brand as experts in your field
  • Save money on paid advertising
  • Optimization boosts the value of your content
  • Help grow your brand online

While many businesses in Bend have realized that content truly is king, many others haven’t. Many businesses still rely on print advertising, which in some instances may work. Taking your print advertising budget and spending that on digital may be a wise investment. When planning your marketing budgets for 2018, have you considered content marketing, blogging and refreshing your website with SEO-optimized copy? SEO copywriting and blogging allows you to target specific demographics, placing your content in front of the right potential customers. If they’re searching for something specific and you’re not online and waiting with fresh, quality content, you’ll miss out on these valuable leads.

Want to know how content marketing, blogging and SEO copywriting can help drive qualified leads to your website? I would love to chat with you about how harnessing the power of SEO copywriting can help increase organic search traffic to your website. Reach out! I’m passionate about words and using them in the right way for your business.

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