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Website Design

Website Designer

Anne Pick is a website designer specializing in creating user-friendly, SEO-optimized, responsive websites for small businesses. I work with you to learn about your brand, your goals, your aesthetic, to create a website that will accurately represent your company online. I have built websites for companies and individuals in a wide variety of industries from real estate to music festivals. For each client, I make sure your website checks all of your boxes and allows you to compete in the vast galaxy that is the world wide web and draw in real-world customers for your products or services.

I’m passionate about building websites with SEO copywriting to drive organic search traffic. A background in journalism and a focus on SEO copywriting differentiates the websites I build from another freelance web designer. Words matter and if you want to get found online, you’ll need more than just a beautiful website to draw in searchers.

nelson law website
User Experience

When it comes to performing online, having a great user experience will take you far. We’ve all visited websites that immediately look beautiful, but navigating them feels like getting sucked into a black hole. I specialize in creating user-friendly websites that encourage visitors to turn into qualified leads.

SEO Copywriting

Words matter and hiring a website designer with extensive experience in copywriting, blogging and journalism works to your advantage. I work with you to discover your brand voice and then implement that throughout your copy. SEO-optimized website copy uses a keyword strategy to draw in organic searchers while still staying true to your voice (and not sounding like a robot).

Responsive Design

At this point, responsive goes without saying when designing or redesigning your website. Websites have to look good on every device to minimize your bounce rate (you want to keep people on your website). I choose a selection of themes that appeal to your brand and your aesthetic, all responsive and that look great on any screen size.

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